Honey, a true pleasure product

From the oldest civilisations to present day, honey has been considered by mankind as one of the most divine pleasures of nature. Honey is an ancient, 100% natural product, providing wellbeing and health, and deserves our full attention. Love, passion and the challenge of creating an exquisite honey have, with time and experience, allowed MAES HONEY to have a unique and impeccable range of honeys.
MAES HONEY5 Star producer

The main member of the MAES HONEY family is our client. Exceeding their expectations has been our main goal since the company began, basing our work on firm values which unite and guide us.


   Number 1 honey exporter in Spain
   Over 100 years of experience
   Present in over 30 countries
   Most modern plant in Europe
   Food Quality and Safety
   Brands with added value
   Globally recognised brands

Our Products


Our Brands



Our desire to uphold traditions has made our brands essential in markets worldwide. Manufacturing which is both innovative and traditional allows us to offer a honey which is distinctive for its quality and variety.


Own Brand



MAES HONEY offers full programmes with the brand of the distributor or private brand, both for the retail market and for foodservice. We work in close collaboration with the client, offering fully comprehensive solutions in the development of their own brand.





At MAES HONEY we dispose of a wide range of products designed especially for the line HORECA (hotels, restaurants and catering). Formats especially designed for providing a better food service to hostel clients, our range involves the total quality assurance of the packaged product, to provide their customers with the fullest satisfaction.


Food Industry



MAES HONEY offers full programmes for the food industry, based on a competitive price, unprecedented quality, responsible service and guaranteed supply throughout the year. Furthermore, we offer the best honey in bulk for other packers.

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